It’s my immense pleasure to write a few words about what Rotary actually is and what it does. Rotary is not actually by which we are, but by what we do for our selfless services to the needy ones.In short, I understand Rotary is a voluntary member-based organization that gives us friends, leadership, opportunities, and a profound network to connect the world.

As Rotarians, we have more flexibility to decide how we want to work and grow our clubs. I am so proud to be a Rotarian. So proud to be connected to such a positive force for making a difference with various services such as: improving sanitation, medical care, providing purified water to schools, donating blood, etc. Rotary exists where there is a crisis.

Every club member has equally contributed to all the achievements and thankfully everyone has been fully aware of their responsibilities. It is of great pride and honor to me that my colleagues and seniors have provided this opportunity of being the President of Rotary Club Of Butwal Downtown for the year 202021. I want to express my sincere gratitude towards respected Past President and all fellow Rotarians.

RI President 2020-21 Rtn. Holger Knaack has given the theme “Rotary opens The Opportunities”.  In response to the theme of RI, “Rotary Opens the Opportunities” which, will enable us to build a strong network of friends, neighbors, business associates, and civic leaders and opens the opportunities for the individuals in various fields. By now Rotary has become integral part of human life. Rotary has provided the way or good path for the people which directly shows the opportunities provided by the rotary to maintain the individual life.BY following the theme of RI President, I will continue my tenure by carrying  Rotary’s motto “Service Above Self” and give extra effort  to support and strengthen the club.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for their valuable support who made publishing this Directory possible. Especially our sponsors who helped us financially by providing advertisements. Without them all, it would not be possible. I am extremely thankful towards everyone who helped us by providing their valuable suggestions in the time of need. Most importantly, I am truly obliged towards those who help us find out the shortcoming and rectify the mistakes.

Looking forward to more feedback and suggestions.

Jay Rotary

Pankaj Gyawali

President 2020-21

Rc Butwal Downtown